Who am I? My name is Alessandro Strino and since my adolescence everything related to security has captured my attention, however, starting as OffSec addicted, I moved to malware analysis a few years later, where I have also started to write patches or exploits for fun and no profit. My nickname is a reference to an Italian movie called “Eccezzziunale… veramente” (1985). It was a funny-battlecry from the main characters that became iconic even years later.

Anyway, I have spent a good amount of time securing enterprise networks and products. This blog was born to help people interested in security topics to learn (hopefully) something new. However, it also represents a chance to give something back to the community. I’ll try to keep it update with good contents that are related to my area of interest:

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Malware Analysis (Mobile | Windows)
  • Computer Forensic
  • (little) Exploit Development

About my background, I have taken a Master’s Degree in Computer Security at University of Salerno (Italy) in 2017 and I also have spent a year at DFire LAB in Dublin as a researcher for my master thesis.

During my spare time, I like to challenge myself with challenges related to: reversing, malware analysis, forensic stuffs.Nevertheless, by doing troubleshooting on issues at work, I became Hokage of extreme pentesting conditions and routing issues :D )

My proof-of-concepts can be found, together with my other projects, on my GitHub account under the name of Viuleeenz. To contact me, you can e-mail me at [al.strino][at][gmail][dot][com], or DM on Twitter @Viuleeenz.